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Our Vision

In the past couple of decades, there has been a major game changer that drastically changes people's lives every 10 years.
Computer in the 1990s.
Internet in the 2000s.
Social media in the 2010s.
We see blockchain as the game changer that dominates the 2020s.

Our Story

Rewind to the moment when we developed and published our first DeFi mobile app, it was the moment when blockchain is still an unfamiliar topic to the general public and most people could still only relate blockchain to Bitcoin mining. In our first app we have simplified the product design, skipped the complicated theory in our white paper and gamified the user experience so that the app is user friendly and looks like an everyday finance app to the general public. The result is encouraging - we have acquired millions of users worldwide within a very short time. This experience is a huge boost to our philosophy that blockchain technology and its application should not be a close topic limited to scientists and engineers but a great invention that should benefit most people in the world!

The core team consists of masterminds with expertise in blockchain science, investment banking, mobile technology and social media across the world. With the wealth of knowledge we do not only build products but know how it works to bring complicated technology to actual applications that impact people’s daily lives on the ground.


Our Leadership

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